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eRADii Leadership

eRADii was founded in 2009 by Jon Ehrmann following a long tenure leading optical design at GSI Group (formerly GSI Lumonics, Teradyne Laser Systems and General Scanning). With GSI, Mr. Ehrmann excelled as an internal consultant, working closely with a wide range of product lines and vendors to bring advanced optical systems to market. This effort has resulted in numerous patents to help secure competitive laser-based technology. In addition to optical design, Mr. Ehrmann has worked closely with inventors, management, patent agents and patent attorneys to identify inventions, refine disclosures, support patent prosecution and manage an international patent portfolio.

Prior to joining GSI, Mr. Ehrmann worked as a mechanical design engineer for Elscint, a manufacturer of diagnostic medical ultrasound equipment. Mr. Ehrmann studied physics and engineering at Harvard and MIT, receiving his Bachelor's from Harvard University.